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Our Mission

Optimum Foods is a veteran-owned organization with a decade of experience serving millions of shelf stable meals to kids all across the country. We work to provide schools, food banks, and community organizations with nutritious and ready-to-eat nonperishable meals that are kid-tested, parent-approved, and completely reimbursable for CACFP, SFSP, NSLP, SBP, and more.

Planning and Storage Made Easy:

Optimum Foods "Power Packs" meal kits are ready to open & eat – no preparation, kitchen, or cold storage required! With a 4-6 month shelf life, our meals provide flexibility to prepare for varying participation.

Solutions for Every Occasion:

We offer solutions that fit your organization’s specific needs including multiple delivery options, fast lead times, and support for special diets such as Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Plant Based (Vegan).

Expanded Delivery Options:

Our various delivery options are designed to meet your organization's individual needs, so you can rest easy knowing you will always have something to feed your kids. We can deliver in a budget-friendly way to rural areas in smaller quantities for sites with fewer children with just as much need.